Amethyst Khozam

Amethyst Khozam

Amethyst Khozam Eau De Parfum - 75ml - Unisex

A fresh, lively fragrance that defies gravity, like a cold dew drop formed in the early morning hours on lavender flowers, to spread it on everyone who passed by, to fill the place with joy and freshness. Then be dancing with a cold breeze infused with pure floral scents, let you melt as fresh as a small ice cube. To finally settle on your hands as a fragrance rich in the scents of mint and elegant leather that takes your senses away to a world full of beauty to bring you inner peace and refreshing joy for the soul.

Experience amethyst Khozam perfume

Aromatic note:

Top notes: lavender, floral
Heart notes: mint and leather
Base notes: lemon and bergamot

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