TOQ Tobacco Mabkhar

TOQ Tobacco Mabkhar

Toq Tobacco Mabkhar Eau De Parfum - 50ml

The lone green tobacco branch left from a fire-eaten forest, with jagged violets clinging to it as its only army. Behind him was the scent of juniper, which filled the air with that fresh coniferous scent. And between those rocks a channel of water sprinkled with drops of the smell of cedar wood and amber, evoking the smell of wooden huts in the forests. A fresh oak moss and leather whisper around it, accompanied by the scent of musk that restores life in a more beautiful and wonderful way.

Aromatic note:

Top notes: Tobacco, Spice, Violet Flower, Juniper Tree

Heart notes: Cedar Wood and Amber

Base notes: Musk, Leather, Berries and Oakmoss

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